Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Fire Starter

I made a fire in a fire place (my own) for the first time today. I've built camp fires before, but never in a fire place- usually Mr. Pizza builds our fires in the evening.

But today, he is at work and I am at home freezing my ass off. I refuse to turn the heat on, because we have a fire place and I'm cheap. I texted Mr. Pizza to tell him he needed to come home and make me a fire. I said "just kidding," but we both knew I wasn't.

Anyway, he couldn't be my knight and shining armor on the arson horse this round and gave me a pep talk on my strength and ability to do anything I set my mind to and sent me to YouTube for an education. About an hour later ( after realizing that I had to "open the sliding door to re-pressurize the air in the chimney" (Mr. Pizzas words, not mine)..wtf?) this was my result. And yes, I am very satisfied.


  1. We have a wood stove and I love it. They are dirty and messy but the heat is wonderful and so cozy. We can get a hot fire going and not worry about the bill. If we only COULD freeze our asses off :-) Be well.

  2. Love it
    wood heat is the best
    felling satisfied....even better!!!
    amazing woman that you are!!!!

    Love and Light

  3. Nice work! I've never built a fire before...