Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Keep your mind out of the gutter.  This is NOT a sleazy picture.  NO!  THIS is the first picture taken of hubby and I in the New Year.  "But it's not the new year yet, C."  Well, fine, you can be a stick in the mud and go with tradition if you want to.  But, Mr. Pizza and I celebrated waking up the the New Year last Thursday morning.

You see, I had Thursday off of nanny duty.  If you don't have children, then you won't realize how NOT FUN it is to hold down a 13 hour single-parent shift while being hung over and sleep deprived from a drunken countdown party to midnight the night before.  We move holidays around our work/sleep schedules here.  It just makes sense.

So this picture; this is at about 7 am (yes, that's sleeping in for us) on the start of our new year.  Early Thursday morning, shiny-faced and bleary-eyed after a crazed rum and coke soaked "new year's early eve" on the couch watching movies, the alarm went off, the light turned on and I told Mr. Pizza to "cheese."  It's a good time to point out that he obliged me.  Says something about how much he loves me, I think.

When I see this picture all I can think about is how lucky I am to have had such a wonderful life with that man already.  We are high school sweethearts, I'm 26 and have spent half my life with him.  The story is romantic, I'll admit, but there are plenty of times I have wondered "what ifs" about it.  What if we had never met and how would my life be different.  What it really comes down to though, is that I've never felt the need to go find out.  I cannot imagine my life without him in it.  I have no idea who I would be without him.  He is my other half in more ways than my rebelliousness would like to admit, but I am grateful to be so valued by him.  And I know that every day I've spent with him has been well spent.


  1. Only your heart matters and if you are blessed to have found your heart's mate the first time out, there is no reason to look back. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi....Happy new year and delighted it finds you at a new blog. Have a very happy 2012 - to you and Hubby, shall be following along this blog now